Should You Trouble Visiting The Mui Ne Sand Dunes In Vietnam?

Should You Trouble Visiting The Mui Ne Sand Dunes In Vietnam?

Are the Mui Ne sand dunes a spot for a spectacular trip into a wonder of nature? Or are they just a tacky tourist trap? Read on to discover the professionals and cons of visiting the sand dunes in Mui Ne.

Mui Ne, Vietnam was a quiet fishing village about 200 km east of Saigon. Now it is a bustling beach resort, which attracts Vietnamese weekenders from Ho Chi Minh City, Russian, Korean, and Chinese vacationer, and a few backpackers on the Vietnam Open Bus Tour trail.

The other huge tourist exercise in Mui Ne is a Mui Ne sand dunes tour.

There are two sets of Mui Ne dunes: the white sand dunes and the red sand dunes. You'll be able to probably guess what colour each of them is!

The white sand dunes Mui Ne are a vast expanse of white sand, sculpted into rolling dunes by the ever-changing winds.

The red dunes, regardless of their striking color, are less impressive. Households with young kids will benefit from the chance to fling themselves down the red dunes on plastic toboggans though.

Most individuals visit on a group tour arranged at their Mui Ne hostel or hotel in Mui Ne and we did the same. But, as we came upon, we would probably have loved the Mui Ne sand dunes if we had chosen differently.

Read on to search out out…

Take a Private Mui Ne Tour
For the best experience of the sand dunes, don’t book into a group jeep tour with all the other tourists. In the event you do, you’ll be stuck on someone else’s schedule and find yourself both waiting or feeling rushed (or each). Our tour began with 20 minutes sitting by the side of the road in Mui Ne — before sunrise — waiting for we-know-not-what.

The wait meant that the driver careened along the roadmethods and at dangerously high speeds to get us to the dunes for sunrise. We survived, just, however we additionally missed sunrise by about 20 minutes!

Later, we sat for half an hour on the finish of each tour stop, ready for a couple who determined to ignore the set assembly time and roll in every time they felt like it. Super annoying!

Skip Sunrise & sunset tour mui ne at the Mui Ne Sand Dunes
Some travellers swear by their sunrise journey experiences. At touristy places like Angkor Wat, Mount Bromo, and the Mui Ne sand dunes, everybody feels compelled to collect at these appointed instances to look at the sun do the identical thing it does every single day.

Sure, you get beautiful light and dramatic pictures. But you additionally get thrown along with hordes of different tourists who completely highjack and detract from the experience.

I’d reasonably have a greater experience and worse pictures!

(I do know that perspective is why we don’t have a million followers on Instagram however it’s true nonetheless).

Arrive about an hour after sunrise, when all the early vacationers have gone home, and you get among the world’s most spectacular monuments to yourself. Despite skipping sunrise, we think our images in each Angkor Wat and Mount Bromo turned our fairly well!

Don’t Destroy the Dunes
A tour to the white sand dunes only prices just a few dollars but what no one tells you is that once you arrive on the dunes, just earlier than sunrise, you’ll must pay an additional $10 for a Jeep to drive you across the dunes to the ideal sunrise-viewing spot. Should you like, you may as well rent a four-wheel ATV to tear up the dunes.
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