Improving Your Chess Skills - Visualization

Improving Your Chess Skills - Visualization

Folks usually look back on their life and say, "If only I knew then what I know now." As someone curious about chess you probably realize just how true this is when it comes to improving chess visualization skills. In case you do not know exactly what you are doing, right from the start, it takes years to get a developed visualization ability; that is, should you ever get there at all. Listed here are some tips that may allow you to in your path to beat chess visualization skills:

1. Solving 1000's of puzzles:

After all, you won't learn too much by only looking at diagrams and considering forward moves without truly making the moves on a board. The choice of puzzles is just not obvious, personally I don't recommend:

a) Exercises saying in advance the number of moves it takes to mate:. In actual fact knowing the number of moves it takes to mate is a key clue which helps the brain generate potential options in the fixing process and, therefore, the fields of imagination might be reduced considerably.

b) Exercises that reveal the tactical system to use. Unless you are trying to be taught the fundamentals of techniques, knowing in advance which approach to use does not let you calculate the variations to the most effective of your ability.

c) Quite a lot of mating exercises. Mating workouts can be a valuable method to develop your chess visualization sksick because they're generally based on forced moves, however to train by this technique will not permit you to stimulate the utmost of your potential.

2. Reading variations from annotated games without moving pieces:

When you research an annotated game, don't rush to make the move on the board. You should attempt to follow the moves and visualize how the board should look, then compare your vision to the precise board. It is vitally helpful, is not it?

3. Sample recognition:

Having a highly developed chess visualization ability is primarily a matter of acquiring a big mental "database" of familiar tactical patterns. Thanks to this knowledge you will be able to visualize unfamiliar patterns to discover if clever tactics exist and if that's the case, to find and play them. As we all know: repetition is the mother of skills. If we repeat the identical materials, sooner or later we are going to bear in mind it and at last understand it. The more patterns we know, the better it is to visualize the following moves.

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