We now have passed a really Cartesian quarter of the hour

We now have passed a really Cartesian quarter of the hour

Returning, then, to my headline, it is initiating theme :::.Get it on faith. Which generally said, with considerably more or not as much comic inflection, when hope at some dubious impasse is actually wish least likely to have got. If that doesn't specifically overlap to the existential condition that the theatre of the Ludicrous appeared, it does reflect found on typically the absurd condition connected with American national politics that guided, through dangling chads in Florida along with a Great Courtroom decision with no legal compound at all, to the faith-based initiative of our born-again president, who recently put some sort of definitive quietus to the residue of the freezing battle by looking straight into the eyes of his / her Russian counterpart and, yes, seeing into his or her heart. That any skepticism in the gaze was allayed by a former agent in the KGB is nearly too untamed a new selfishness, its fulsome uncertainty connected with the global melodrama owed more, perhaps, to some Adam Bond motion picture than in order to typically the movie theater of often the Absurd. Although here it would look we now have no choice: we either have this on faith or laugh out loud, frivolity redoubling at the imagined that it might always be either/or, whereas in often the faith-based effort of this absurdist theater you can, from minimum, have it both equally ways. I say on least because, in typically the drama regarding Ionesco specially, you can throughout some sort o

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