Everything path of a good smart man is to acquire per se the practice involving temperance

Everything path of a good smart man is to acquire per se the practice involving temperance

In ancient times, the philosopher Epicurus taught the followers that the purpose involving living was to come to feel delight and avoid suffering. geoforte of Epicureans decided not to marry and have absolutely young children because with these came the potential for problems and sadness. The Epicureans adopted hedonism as their philosophy and standard of living, seeking out pleasure and keeping away from everything that may cause pain.

A good modern-day Epicureanism would seem to have obtained store in the lives of countless people today. So many today survive for temporary pleasures—they consume like gluttons to the point regarding unhealthy weight, abuse drugs plus alcoholic beverage that wreck these individuals in your head, physically and economically, they surrender themselves to help lust and momentary article topics that endanger their health insurance and the financial futures associated with themselves and their unwanted little ones. They seek amusement together with luxury without thought for future years. Some even gamble with criminality in typically the pursuit of money together with end up losing their particular liberty or even their existence.

At least the Epicureans realized that will pleasure without small amounts results in grief and soreness, anything

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