Lymphatic Drainage Using Manual Lymph Drainage Techniques

Lymphatic Drainage Using Manual Lymph Drainage Techniques

Lymphatic drainage refers to a process whereby waste products are removed from the body. This process is done through the lymphatic system, which is connected to every cell in the body. The lymphatic system transports nutrients and removes waste products from the body. Lymphatic drainage is a normal part of their immune system's functions, even though a malfunction in the lymphatic system may lead to symptoms such as persistent fever, general malaise, headaches, skin rash, skin infections etc..

출장마사지 Lymphatic drainage technique was first described in 1846 by Rev. Dr. J. P. Keeling. Lymphatic drainage is based on the theory that preventing lymph nodes at a particular section of the human body can be helped to be cleared away by performing a series of compressions on arterialized lymph nodes. This technique has now been applied in various areas of sports medicine, massage therapy and rehabilitation and there has been considerable improvement in the efficacy of the technique.

Using the technique is widely employed by physical therapists, massage therapists and other forms of health professionals. Although the theoretical basis of this technique has existed for over a century, the real application of it's comparatively recent. This is mostly due to the fact that its widespread use among athletes has not yet caught up with the mass popularity of other alternative treat

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