A Guide to Watsu Massage

A Guide to Watsu Massage

Based on Japanese fantasy, the origin of acupuncture originates from Watsu. In Watsu, greater ANXIETY is believed to be the cause of pain. Greater stress contributes to pain. But by treating pain in Watsu, it helps alleviate anxiousness too. In a recent case report, an individual having temporomandibular joint disorders had lower pain levels following Watsu remedies.

The source of acupuncture is really a mystery in itself. Early Chinese literature describes acupuncture as a therapeutic cure for various ailments. Nonetheless, recent scientific studies suggest that acupuncture originates in the PRINCE2 gene. The PRINCE2 receptor is triggered by heat, as heat is used in acupuncture. It is thought that acupuncture activates this self-healing system within the body and Watsu is your outcome.

Watsu originates in the term"yokusei" which means"to stretch up." "Yokusei" literally means"to tighten up." That is why the muscles are so relaxed during Watsu remedies. Relaxed muscles to increase blood circulation to the brain and also the nerves, that allow the nervous system to heal itself.

Acupuncture also stimulates the nerves. Neurons rely on hormones to operate. When neurotransmitters are properly functioning, nerve impulses are transmitted from the brain into the rest of the body. But when anxiety gets in the way, the hormones aren't sending th

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